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Miles for Smiles T-Shirt & Mask - Copy.j

A fun community related fundraising event that the whole family

can enjoy!

This event is a “move-a-thon” that we encourage all currently enrolled, and alumni LCDS school families to participate in. Students and their families can bike, walk, run, scoot, or skip to raise funds as they log in miles traveling through our beautiful town independently.
We ask that each child (with the help of their parents and/or caregivers) solicit their grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, family members from a far, etc. to pledge money for each mile that each student rides.
Students will have two days to reach their movement goal. You can download a Miles for Smiles Pledge form HERE.
Due to Covid-19 LCDS families will set their own pace and choose their own paths. 
All monies raised will go towards much needed financial aid, staff education, classroom enhancements, building renovations and implanting additional COVID safety measures.  

 T-shirts & Masks available for purchase

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