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Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold. - Joseph Chilton Pearce

The Ice Skating Rink Project 


Sometimes a project results from a provocation from the teachers.  In this K class, children were enjoying “skating” on a tiny pretend rink that the teachers made for them to enjoy. Their play revealed questions about ice, freezing temperatures, and how to maintain an ice rink. To answer those inquiries, the class made a visit to the Longshore Skating Rink (right in our neighborhood), and The Ice Skating Rink Project was born.  The class returned ready to delve deeper into this topic. They did experiments with water and temperature, exploring the conditions that created smooth ice. They constructed an ice rink, snack shop, and even a Zamboni that moved, just like the one they saw at Longshore. An ice hockey player visited to share his equipment and answer questions about the sport, and the class decided to add hockey sticks and goals to their classroom ice rink.  Friends from all the other classes were invited to come skate at the Learning Community Ice Rink, take a ride on the Zamboni, and visit the snack shop for a full recreational experience.  

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