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Our Staff


At LCDS, teaching is an art. We strive to perfect our skills as teachers of young children by setting self-defined goals and participating in self-reflection. We open our minds to new ideas and share our classroom experiences with each other. We are fortunate to attend weekly staff meetings which focus on best practices in early childhood education, the ways in which children make discoveries, and how we can improve their opportunities for learning. We reflect on work accomplished by the children and how it will inspire each child’s participation in further exploration. As adult learners, we celebrate the joy of learning. Teaching children is one of our passions.


Our teachers come with many years of teaching experience, some having been with LCDS for 20+ years. Coupled with the classroom teaching experience are their educational credentials. At a minimum, each classroom’s Lead Teacher must have an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education or the equivalent and the Assistant Teacher must have a minimum of a CDA (Child Development Associate). We strive to support our teachers in their professional development and personal growth as educators.

We collaborate as a team to offer the best education experience for our students.

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